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Directory of Australian Architects

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Using Email Addresses

How do we collect email addresses?

Each year, our research team telephones every firm in the directory at least once. We confirm and update all their information including their email address.

We then review the website of the firm as well other online sources (including telephone directories, industry publications and professional registration sites).

Only those email addresses that we can locate published online are included in the directory. Where we find an email address published online with an accompanying statement that commercial messages are not wanted, we do not include the email address in the directory.

Can the email addresses in the directory be used for marketing?

As the email addresses for firms on the Directory of Australian Architects have been collected or confirmed using publicly available online sources, their use for marketing may comply with the “inferred consent” requirements of the Spam Act, provided your email message.

  1. includes required identification
  2. includes a functioning and compliant opt out mechanism
  3. is directly and strongly relevant to the recipient’s role or line of business

Please visit the ACMA website to read about identification, opt out / unsubscribe and inferred consent and conspicuous publication.

How and how often is the information verified?:

At least once a year, we telephone every firm, confirm that they are still in business and update and verify all the details in their listing. We then record online location (URL) of each published email address, excluding any found to have an accompanying statement that commercial messages are not wanted.

Need Help Sending Emails?

We use and recommend Markus Dilectite for all our email marketing activities. To discuss your online marketing needs, email them at:

Need help to demonstrate where an address was published?

On request, we can provide the online location (URL) of published email address and the date of verification.

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Meet the publisher

Fiona Duff is the publisher of the Directory of Australian Architects and Building Designers and the companion, Directory of Australian Builders – Residential and Commercial. Originally a journalist, Fiona was the Style Director for House & Garden Magazine at what was ACP now Bauer Media. Fiona has an interest in and passion for architecture, art and design.

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